ELA (Gr. 1)

Indiana Academic Standards (IAS) Grade 1

Units of Study (Click)

Reader’s Toolbox

Reading:  Foundations (RF)

First 50 Sight Words     Second 50 Sight Words     

Third 50 Sight Words     Fourth 50 Sight Words

Reading:  Literature (RL)

  • Retell Tuesday–During Independent Reading students pick one book from their baggie to read and write down story elements in their Reader’s Response Journal, (RRJ). After 10 minutes they find a partner and retell the story using the book and their RRJ.
  • Inference— (1:46) Quick video to start mini lesson
  • Book Walk Graphic Organizer

Reading:  Nonfiction (RN)

Reading:  Vocabulary (RV)

Opposite Cards

Writing (W)

Writing Genres:

Argumentative–Proposal Writing video (2:26) to start mini lesson

Informative–Procedure Writing video (1:25) to start mini lesson


Writing Process:

The Research Process:

Writing Conventions:

Speaking and Listening (SL) 

Media Literacy (ML)

Ranger Rick Jr.–Read It!