Word Work (Gr. 1)


My school adopted the National Geographic reading series.  I love it but wanted something for Word Work.  I took some of the spelling words, Fry Words, words from the story and put them into a document that lets students explore how words work.  I don’t give spelling tests. Instead, assessment of their spelling is through their writing.  Students make individual spelling goals.

Archived Word Work

On the first day of the week I use my document camera to show the words on my Sharp Panel. As a class we highlight the sound together and then we draw simple pictures of each word.

When teaching sight words remember these points:

  • Match visuals with the word
  • Presenting the word in a variety of ways and authentic situations
  • Reading the word in literature
  • Match oral with visual
  • Write the word (Kids and adults don’t like to write something 4x each. Create authentic situations for writing the word.)

Unit 1                     Unit 2

Unit 3                     Unit 4

Unit 5                     Unit 6

Unit 7                     Unit 8


Watch-Out Words with Definitions

Word Family Match